• What Dr. Domm's Customers Have to Say ...

    Dr. Domm has been healing patients in Portland

    and Beaverton for more than two decades.

    "Having been treated by other chiropractors over the years, I can attest that none could compare with Dr Domm's compassion, skill or commitment to her patients' well being. I would cheerfully travel any distance to receive her skilled ministrations. Yes, she is just that good."


    "Her expertise in her field is without limitation."

    "I have never met anybody as gifted and knowledgeable as Penny Domm. I jokingly but most seriously refer to Penny as having 'magic hands'."


    "I have never had the results or confidence that I have in the hands of Dr. Domm. She is without a doubt the most knowledgeable, adept and efficient chiropractor I have ever seen."

    "Dr. Domm not only provides chiropractic care but holistic care, and invites you to actively participate in your treatment. Her professional and open and calming attitude puts you at ease. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being through non-invasive treatments." 

    "Dr. Domm has a way with people that immediately makes you feel comfortable and taken care of." 


    "Her confidence is contagious and it is very apparent that she is not only competent but is passionate about her work."

    "Her flexibility in scheduling made it easier for me to see her even with my busy work schedule."

    "The treatment that Dr. Domm gave me took all of my back pain away. She was very professional when it came to communication with me and all who were involved with my accident."

    "I am so grateful for the day that I was introduced to Dr. Penny Domm. I had had back and neck pain for so long, that I had learned to just live with it, but after treatments with Dr. Domm, the pain began to diminish with each and every visit."

    "Dr. Domm is amazing! Recently, I had to return to Dr. Domm again. A muscle spasm in my back caused tremendous pain and had me stooped over. Once again, her diagnosis of the problem is pin-point accurate and her treatments are most effective. One visit to JNA eased most of the pain and allowed me to stand up straight. A second visit and I was able to move about normally. Without her, I know I would still be suffering. My most heart felt thanks to Dr. Domm ... for saving my back ... AGAIN!."

    "Dr. Penny Domm is an amazing doctor. I was introduced to chiropractic care back in 2002. Originally, I was a skeptic but have become a strongest supporter since I met Dr. Domm. She has treated me for various ailments, ranging from the common (tennis elbow) to the absurd (twisted back from cleaning the gutters). Through them all, Dr. Domm has helped relieve my aches and pains ... and more importantly, she guided my recovery and provided advice on preventive care. Her knowledge of the human physiology is incredible; her concerns for her patients are second to none."

    " I was thrilled to visit her new office at JNA Chiropractic. The office is open, spacious and welcoming. She and her staff are friendly and professional. Her treatments are through and effective. Her dedication to the patient's well being is paramount.


    The story behind J(onathan) N(ick) A(lex) Chiropractic is another simple truth that demonstrates the caring and compassion of this amazing and incredible person ... Dr. Penny Domm!​.."

    "Dr. Domm is great!! I have have seen her on occasion over the years when my back feels out of wack, and I truly feel pampered when I go and see her! Moving table, electrodes, calming atmosphere, and if she massages your back...i swear its better than any massage i've paid for. Great Chiropractor! "


    " There are no words to describe how great I feel after a visit at JNA. DR. Domm has rescued me plenty. I say, she is a true healer. I am so thankful to have her as my doctor. THE BEST."

    "I met Dr. Domm several years ago at another facility. When she opened her private practice, I followed her there for the following reasons: (1) Unlike other Chiropractors, this physician does more, much more, than just adjustments. She uses the "tens" unit to promote muscular healing. (2) Unlike most, she has a traction table - yup. This is used to relieve pinched nerves faster than having to get adjusted several times a week for months. She focuses on the core for inner strength by using a giant heating pad for muscle relaxation while there. (3) She treats patients as if each one of them are her personal friend or family member. She is genuinely interested in all they have to tell her, all be it on a professional level or personal. "

    "It's my pleasure to endorse JNA for chiropractic care. I've been seeing Dr. Domm for many years to treat my chronic back and hip pain. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been evident in her ability to effectively diagnose and treating the various alignment and muscular issues I've experienced over the years.


    Her holistic approach differentiates her practice from other options and I consider JNA a supportive partner in maintaining my health."

    "I have had the good fortune to have been a patient of Dr Domm's for 20 years. Dr Domm's wisdom and skill have kept me moving through injuries, surgeries and now a chronic illness. 


    Her intuitive approach, her unflagging commitment to patient care and constant quest to expand her knowledge base of treatment options has been a boon to me, as I am certain it has to so many others. If it were possible to give a 10 star rating, I would"

    "I have been a patient of Dr. Domm for 15+ years. She is professional, compassionate, easy to talk to and well respected by her peers. She does not perform unnecessary treatments - she sees you as much as is required for each incidence.


    Her new clinic is calm and peaceful with plenty of parking and friendly staff. If you are looking for a professional, knowledgeable and skilled chiropractor to partner with you - look no further.."

    "I have been seeing Dr. Domm and her staff for about 10 years now and I can't tell you how much I appreciate she and her team. She has completely changed my mobility and is by far my most trusted medical professional."


    "I have chronic pain. Penny understands the big picture and her treatments and exercise prescriptions help relieve the acute pain, I sleep better, and best of all, understand how to feel better with stretching and specific exercise."